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Saturday, February 4, 2012

La Manzanilla Rodeo History - Fiestas Taurinas 2012.

   Fiesta, fiesta, fiesta!!! Los Toros have started! 

    You probably have noticed all the hype in town preparing for this weekend. This happens year after year around the same dates but do we even know why we enjoy this Fiesta so much, or why we even celebrate it in the first place? Here is some La Manzanilla history to help you prepare for the PARTY!

   This tradition started in when the town celebrated the definitive possession of the Ejido Land on February 6, 1938. However the first localization and delimitation of the Ejido La Manzanilla land happened from the 4th to the 11th of August 1937 by the Engenier Rafael Rincon Fregoso and then made oficial by General Lazaro Cardenas del Rio, el Presidente de la Republica Mexicana at that time (this is why the main avenue coming in to town is named after him). 

"El Toro"

   The activities during the fiestas usually are the same every year. Beginning the night before you dance through the streets of the town following "La Farola" and the live band as well as indulging in the free fruit punch that will surely get you loose and in to the mood for the Fiestas! Next is "El Recibimiento" where whom ever is sponsoring that day feeds the town at the Casino Ejidal. Each person get's a plate of food, a refresco and cervezas... muchas cervezas! The live band plays music while everyone shows off their botas and sombreros. After everyone is done eating people set off for the "Jaripeo" which is the rodeo that will take place in the towns "Plaza de Toros" with Bull riding and much more music for people to dance to for hours.  

  The first day of the Fiestas is usually Gringo Day, when the towns community of  foreigners come together to sponsor one more day of Fiestas. Gringo Day Tradition started February 5 of 1982 organized by David Godin, Joe Hostetler and the late Steven Rutherford (descance en paz).  

Los tres primeros Gringos :) 

    Birria has always been the food of choice in most recibimientos, but only on very few occasions was there anything different served. On the first Gringo Day ever they served roasted ducks and chickens and one time even some Dorado was grilled! 
   The official true La Manzanilla Birria recipe was provided by Don Jose Murillo Cambero "Moro", this same recipe is used today with the addition of few extra vegetables. 

   Last but definitely not least is the late night Baile, featuring more live Banda music and everyone in town sporting their best outfits for the Fiestas. 

   So bust out your cowboy boots and dance till you drop now that you know what your partying for! 

Special Thanks to La Manzanilla Realty and David Godin! 



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